An incomplete selection of things.

Pleasure State: May
Scum Mag
May 2017

Pleasure State: April
Scum Mag
April 2017

Pleasure State: March
Scum Mag
March 2017

Winning Someone’s Heart: The Bachelor, Reality Dating and the Gamification of Love
Metro Magazine
October 2016

In a politics of fear, poetry seeks truth
12 September 2016

Interview with Esther Anatolitis on INDEX-SYSTEM
Mailbox Art Space
15 March 2016

Clicking with Audiences: Web Series and Diverse Representations
Metro Magazine
Issue 187, Summer 2016

Bright Lights and Girl Gangs
The Wheeler Centre
12 December 2015

On “Feminist” James Deen, The Failings Of White Ribbon, And The Pathetically Low Bar We Set For Men
4 December 2015

Storming the borders of my body
Spook Magazine
7 August 2015

On Belle Gibson, Jess Ainscough, And The Inherent Bullshit Of The Wellness Aesthetic
1 May 2015

Feminist fuckers: Men who love to have sex with feminists 
Spook Magazine
24 February 2015

Review: Susan Hawthorne’s Lupa and Lamb
Cordite Poetry Review
25 November 2014

Interview: Anna Fern
Lip Magazine
24 October 2013

Review: Julie Chevalier’s Darger: his girls
Cordite Poetry Review
19 June 2013 

Talk of ‘class warfare’ is blurring Australia’s political debate
The Guardian Australia
10 July 2013